Notion travel planner template

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What's included:

1. Travel Bucket List: Dream big and list the places you've always wanted to go. Discover new destinations to add to your travel goals.

2. Country Counter List: Keep a count of all the countries you've visited, creating a satisfying record of your global adventures.

3. Past Adventures: Relive the memories by documenting past trips you've taken with friends and family, capturing the essence of each adventure.

4. Plan: Organize every detail of your upcoming trip, from accommodations and flights to dining, shopping, and activities. Research and prepare with ease.

5. Itinerary: Craft your travel schedule and map out your route, ensuring you make the most of your destination.

6. Transportation: Keep track of your flights and monitor their status to stay informed about your travel plans.

7. Accommodation: Securely store your hotel and Airbnb details, along with reservations, for a worry-free stay.

8. To-Do List: Prepare for your trip with a checklist of tasks to complete before departure, so nothing important gets left behind.

9. Notes: write down essential notes and reminders for your vacation, ensuring a smooth and well-organized trip.

10. Complete Packing List: Create a comprehensive packing list to make sure you don't forget any essential items for your journey.

11. Shopping List: Plan your shopping and gift purchases in advance, making your trip even more enjoyable for yourself and loved ones.

12. Restaurants: Keep a record of restaurant bookings and confirmations, ensuring you enjoy delicious meals during your travels.

13. Finances: Set up your budget, track expenses as you go, and calculate your total spending, helping you stay within your financial plan.

14. Travel Journal: Chronicle your favorite moments and experiences during your trip, preserving memories for the future.

15. Photo Gallery: Create a beautiful photo gallery with your favorite pictures, including an editable link for personalized Instagram-worthy shots.

16. Detailed Instructions: Find guidance on how to make the most of this template, assisting you in journaling and planning for your next memorable adventure.

With the Notion Travel Planner template, your travel preparations and memories come together in one organized and user-friendly space, making each trip a seamless and unforgettable experience!

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Notion travel planner template

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